McCaskill removed NATURAL BORN from our Constitution!

I was debating the issue of voting Joshua Hawley in as Senator last night in the Face book group – Missouri Legislative Review. I have to admit the conversation got a bit heated. Folks are afraid of him as his political career is only two years old, he just became our Missouri AG in 2016. I have to agree, as I did not vote for him in the Primary. The issue is not that, but the fact that he can unseat Claire McCaskill. She is in this writers’ opinion, is a traitor to America and our Constitution!

Because our founders did not define NATURAL BORN in our Constitution, it was easy to constitutionally change. Resolution 511 was sneaky and underhanded, as it used John McCain and his place of birth as the reasoning for the removal of NATURAL BORN citizen. It was brought up, in that same group, words have meaning” this is true and this is a perfect example of how unscrupulous politicians will LIE to move forward their or others agendas.

Sometimes in this life, we don’t always get the candidate of our choice; but that does not mean that we don’t have to do what is RIGHT. I believe Hawley can do great things for Missouri. My first hope would be to bring to justice the UNCONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFFS in our great state.

President Donald J. Trump needs all the foot soldiers he can muster, as this is WAR! If we ever hope to return our nation to its rightful place, a REPUBLIC, we must support him!