MO AG – Josh Hawley – Joins President Trump on ‘Human Trafficking’ Battle

On February 23rd in a very little published event, President Donald J. Trump met with anti-human trafficking experts.

“Human trafficking is a dire problem both domestically & internationally & solving this epidemic is a huge priority for @POTUS.”-@PressSec

It is good to see our President worrying about American children, as he keeps in his promise –

America First!

Missouri Attorney General, Josh Hawley announces that he too will be joining the President in this epidemic to rid our nation of this unprecedented attack on human rights.

 “Missouri is the last place human traffickers will want to be” ~AG Josh Hawley

Speaking to the Missouri Baptist Convention Hawley states: “We need a new abolitionist movement to confront this oppression and turn it back,” Hawley said. “And I am here today to announce that Missouri will help lead the way.”

…“Today is the day Missouri says ‘no more’ to the epidemic of human trafficking,” said Hawley. “Human trafficking is the third largest criminal industry in the world, and the fastest growing. It is happening right here, in our own neighborhoods, every day. I became a lawyer because I believe in justice, and justice means protecting the vulnerable and the exploited. I am proud to announce these efforts to make Missouri a leader in the fight to abolish trafficking. To the criminals who would exploit the weak, the vulnerable and the oppressed, I say this: Missouri is officially closed for your kind of business.”

“In our state,” he noted, “the sheer numbers of people caught up in this vile industry make a person want to weep over the iniquity of a culture that allows this form of slavery to go unchecked.”

Human Trafficking is a real issue and has been likened to human slavery, as Hawley explained to CNN. This issue must be addressed. We are proud that AG Hawley and  Missouri is leading the way, in this national effort, in curtailing this depravity that has grown unchecked and hidden.

In a Monday news conference, Hawley stated: “Sex trafficking is slavery. It is forced, unchosen labor. As it flourishes in our country, it threatens our most fundamental beliefs,” Hawley said. “If it is not checked, it will disfigure our society.”

According to St. Louis Public Radio: “Missouri is among the top 20 states in the nation in the number of cases of human trafficking reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. In 2016, 135 cases were reported in Missouri — almost double the year before. Last week, federal authorities arrested two men in a brothel raid in Columbia, Missouri, and charged them with promoting prostitution online.

Katie Rhoades, a sex trafficking survivor and the founder of the St. Louis-based nonprofit Healing Action, was also at Monday’s news conference. She’ll sit on the task force.

“[Hawley] is using the tools that he has to make change now, and to be able to make change decisively,” she said. “We have heard politicians talk about this issue, there has been task force after task force, and it’s missed the action piece.”

The St. Louis Post Dispatch said this:

“We’re doing something new. We’re thinking new. And we’re devoting resources to it,” Hawley said.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security defines human trafficking as modern-day slavery, where people are forced or coerced into labor or commercial sexual exploitation.

There were 135 cases of human trafficking reported in Missouri last year, nearly double the caseload in 2015, according to data from National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

But victims are often reluctant to report their trafficker’s crimes, for fear of retribution, said Katie Rhoades, a human trafficking survivor who founded Healing Action, a nonprofit in St. Louis aimed at ending sexual exploitation.

“We’ve looked at the women on the streets as nothing more than prostitutes, and it’s their choice to be there. And if they had a way out, then they should just get up and get out and get a job. And that’s not reality,” said Rhoades, who was trafficked from Oregon to California as a teenager.

“I didn’t see a way out,” she said.

We are also happy and proud to have our new young, Constitutional, Attorney General, as he beat the odds of, what appears to be, the Clinton election rigging.

This writer has to state, in researching our new AG, Hawley is proving that the trust put into him, by the people, was appropriate as he hit the street running!

He recently helped convict owners of a nursing care facility for defrauding a disabled veteran.

AG Hawley Announces St. Francois County Medicaid Fraud Conviction

As well as he has filed criminal charges against a corrupt Missouri county sheriff.

Attorney General Hawley Announces Arrest of Mississippi County Sheriff.

“I ran for Attorney General because the political establishment in both parties has failed us. I’m a constitutional lawyer, not a politician, and as your Attorney General I will defend Missouri families, farmers, our small businesses, and our constitutional rights.” ~Josh Hawley

I am sure that I am not the only Missourian that would say, Good job Attorney General!

In these days of rampant corruption, it is good to have a hero!

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