In October it will be four years since I took my leap and moved out to my five acres of woods. I have always been ‘intuitive’ but not so much as I am today, as I have found God. Because of a NDE in 1966, I knew there was a God, but I did not know where to find Him. He knows where we are, but He stays hidden as that is how He molds us, by trials and tribulations. We either get with His plan, or perish. Everything in this life costs, but His love is free! 

I started sensing, in 2010, that our nation was in trouble. I had no idea how much trouble, until recently; as it has shown its ugly head on so many levels, from national to local politics. What is worse I did not know what to do to help fix it, because I have an Oath to God I knew it was my duty to find out!

Being one of the first woman Internet service providers, in a predominately male dominated field, I can say there were some pretty ‘stressful’ times in my life. On top of this, I had to learn a technology that was new and foreign to me; as it was to others. The money was either good or not, but I had FAITH that it would be the Internet that could save America and open up a ‘dialog’ for the world; I keep toiling.

The  ‘dial-upInternet business that I had started in 1993 had changed dramatically over the years. Initially I was just adding clients onto my network from an office, but later it became more challenging as I had to climb towers, high rises anything with an elevation to find a line of sight. This started taking a toll on my ‘Marine Corps knees’ … 

I sold my business in 2014 and decided to seek out the hidden hand. I started out with the esoteric and ancient knowledge. I became more ‘in tune’ but was not ‘in touch …  Also in 2012 a very dear friend of 20 years died. I was alone. But I was comforted by the two Dobbies she had left behind and my Lab, Maya. That is when I made my decision to move to the woods … I wanted a place that I could be hidden and deal with my pain, as it was a pain that had welled up in me for years.  I found a realtor and told her what I needed, and there was God watching over me. As she led me down a gravel road, it reminded me of the place that I had cherished growing up, my Grannies! Ironically her farm was just down the road. So I knew of the area, because to me this was home. As we winded down the road, I was surprised of what we found! It was rough, would need some work, but it would be My new home

There was not a building on it, only a porcine toilet in the ravine  I met my ‘would be’ neighbor and asked if he would mind if I purchased the acreage, because I could understand how one might be attached to this property I decided to buy an RV to put on the land, but also built an attached cabin. There was not a soul around, perfect I thought! In October I will have lived here four years.

I feel as if I am graduating into something BIG, as is our nation.

I love to read! In the written word there is knowledge! My library consists of electronic and paper materials. I have many Bibles my favorite is DAKE and the 1599 Geneva. While DAKE is more of a reference, the Geneva is a King James Version that our Founders brought with them when they founded America. So my humble beginning began, a few books, some good dogs, a few hens and lots of seed for my garden – but that is another story. 

Also in my library are several ‘survival’ books; as I was pretty sure our society, as we knew it, was going to be destroyed. I also felt it important to understand the esoteric writings  like that of Manly P. Hall or Madam Blavatsky. Mark Blitz warned us of the Blood Moons, I  needed to understand Astronomy which lead me to Vedic Astrology … and once there Thomas Horn and Graham Hancock started turning on the  … Carl Jung really helped tie it together with my early reading of ‘The Dance of the Wu Li Masters

Quantum Physics is where it is at!

While I was improving my internal, I started to look to the external and our ‘lawmakers’ … I could not figure if they were just dumb and did not understand our Constitution or if they were willingly trying to overthrow our nation. I remember one morning, having coffee and a conversation with God who instructed me to run for state office. So I started investigating more of the issues and that is when I met Doug Enyart of the Constitution Party. I needed to understand our Constitution to the letter! Doug, also a Marine, turned me on to A 5000 Year Leap of Faith, probably one of my most important reads! When we understand what our founders wanted for us, it is truly amazing! What a gift they have given our nation our inalienable RIGHTS!

Rights that are granted by God; not men!

Well one can read about my ‘adventure‘, as I have tried to keep my website updated …  It is pretty interesting as we are currently learning of the ‘corruption’ in our nation, which I discovered along my path! BUT the one thing that I did take away, from running for office …

Some are dumb as they are useful, but others are crafty as they are inhabited by the spirit of Satan!

Thank you President Trump for taking your ‘Leap of Faith‘ — leaving your lifestyle, risking your life to support ‘Deplorable Patriots‘, such as myself and the Vets that I sit with at the V.A. You have honestly changed our lives!

Time to take that LEAP America! Our President has our back, time we had his!

Semper Fi ~ God Bless America!