My Marine Corps and Memorial Day

I am proud to have served!

I am also sad to have known folks that have their name engraved on the Vietnam Memorial, they are on my mind today, as they have been for 40+ years. We have to fix our nation so that we do not lose blood over senseless wars. We have to wake up and face the facts, America has lost its blood and treasure over greed. We need to honor the fallen by making those responsible for such tragedy accountable.  In doing so, we also have to make their values righteous, by restoring their faith and belief in our Constitution!

I believe that people go into the service to serve, because they believe in our country. It is an idealistic point of view, as they come to realize that our country has been used as a pawn for corporate gain.

My heart is deeply sadden by the veterans that realize that they were just a pawn in corporations gain and not for the righteous and just reasons that they enlisted and put their ‘blood on the line’ … This realization is currently attested to with the suicide of an average of 22 veterans per day. Lets stop this tragedy and fix our nation! The evil needs to be purged!

The one thing I can attest to is that the Marine Corps boot camp does one really good thing … it teaches us to be faithful to our nation, our Constitution and to God.

I recently came across this pic a few weeks ago and have not seen it in over 40 years. If one can find my face, they will see that it is ‘expressionless’ … It made me realize that I am who I am because of the Corps and I will continue to be faithful to our nation, Constitution and God, because it was literally drilled into me! Oorah!

Semper Fi!