MY President delivered the SOTU last night!

The 2019 SOTU was the BEST Presidential State of the Union this writer has heard in all her years on planet Earth! I am enjoying reviewing the response this morning, as it is YUGE! 

Some people that were sitting on the proverbial fence seem to have hopped the ‘wall’ for America! 

What is up with the ‘Uniform’?

I have never seen President Trump more ‘presidential’ … He reminded me of an English Bulldog, the Marine Corps mascot, by grabbing an issue, be it abortion, illegal immigration, or socialism, he addressed it, and onto another pressing issue. All with the same pace and passion; all the while putting socialist Liberals in the shadow of his leadership. I truly believe, if America is ever going to be ‘great’ again, there is only one person that achieve that for our nation! 

It seemed he was only on for a few minutes, when in reality it was over an hour. He was calm, cool and collected. I have never seen Donald J. Trump in this light. As well I have never seen a SOTU delivered so eloquently, as so many other presidents had to use teleprompters, I believe most American’s can agree our President was in rare form, he showed us he is a true leader! And one I will follow into 2020.

In the same token, I have never seen a Speaker of the House with so little decorum! Between the shuffling of her papers or the sucking of her dentures, that was embarrassing for our nation. Nancy, you really must visit my dentist! And where was RBG? 

Our President, in trying to bring our country back to its senses and remind people,it is about making the American Dream, not destroying it as some of the socialists in attendance would have one believe!

To Make America Great Again, we have to put down our petty differences and join with each other, realize we are part of something ‘bigger’ … Humanity!

Thank you Mr. President for all you are doing to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!