I am only to the ‘intermission pause’ in this lengthy, but accurate article from what I am reading so far. I figured I would post so my readers might be awakened to the  corrupt world we are living in.

Caution, if you are new to this information, I suggest you pause and ‘let it sink in’ before going on further. 

EDIT TO ADD: I have now completed the article. THIS IS A MUST READ! The odd thing is I have ran across many of these organizations in my lifetime and had ‘pause’ … I will have to let it all digest, as this is a LOT of information to consume! 

Blacklisted II: Double Blackout – #SorosRentBoy @FranklinLeonard an In-Q-Tel Tool? #Scriptchat #AidToo #GreatAwakening #BlacklistAnon #NEONREVOLT