On the Campaign Trail – June 11

If all campaigning is, is meeting and speaking to folks in Bollinger, Perry, Madison county … this summer is going to be fun!

My first stop of the morning, although I  was running a bit late, was to my local co-op to pick up my box of produce.  I love these gals for what they do!

Community Helping Hands (1)
(L to R) Vickie Burcham, Tori Proffer, Bev Woelich Eckert, Mary Masterson


Community Helping Hands (15)
Always great produce at a GREAT price!
Community Helpings
Community Helping Hands

I believe it is important to support our local co-ops as well as our local Farmers Market, as it is important to support our local farmers and to buy local.  I believe in this so much that a few years ago I created a Facebook page so that we can easily find our local farmers markets and I visit as many local farmers market in my area as possible, and post their information so that others are aware of their fare.

SEMO Farmers market
Southeast Missouri Farmers Market

Next I visited the Bollinger County Farmers Market. Although we were running late, we caught Tiffene and Virgil Lindley of the Lazy L Ranch.

Lazy L_FB
Lazy L FB page

Wow what a crew they had on hand!

Community Helping Hands (4)

I have nothing but admiration for this young couple, as they seem to  understand the peril our nation is in today.  I really enjoyed our conversation and, now that I know where the Bollinger Farmers Market is, will make sure it is on my list for my Saturday visits!

girl scouts

Next I ran into Erin Schloss of the Girl Scouts of Missouri Heartland.  Next time I run into Erin, I will make sure to video tape the discussion, as it was great!  You know, I was a Brownie and then a Girl Scout and finally a Marine.  Are the two related?  I am not sure, but one of the gals I was in boot camp with, Angela Salinas, is now the CEO of the Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas.

1st Latina major general in Marines is new CEO of Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas

I believe it is groups like the Girl Scouts that help children develop form social footing.  I believe the Girl Scouts to be a great cause and ALWAYS will help a scout out on their cookie orders!

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