Our Government uses Deceit, Fear and Ignorance to Control Us!

eagleThey are deceitful in the laws that they craft.  Don’t believe me, go read the Patriot Act, which is as ‘patriotic’ as is the state of tyrannical government that currently exists.

They use fear to rule us, so that we fear them.  Our founders intended that our administrative body, which we call government, fear the citizenry!

Fight the fear ~ Question Authority!

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” ~Thomas Jefferson

They muddle up the law so that, for the average lay person, it is difficult to understand.  They dumb down our society with our school systems!

They Indoctrinate, rather than Educate!

I can say these things as I am entering my twilight years and I see through their web of deceit. At this time in our nation I truly fear for my grandchildren, I fear for your grandchildren!  Our nation and state have become lawless!

I do not fear them, as generally they are cowards. I swore, to God, a long time ago, that I would protect this nation with my life, if need be.  That was literally ‘drilled’ into me in the Marine Corps and it is as valid today as it was then.

The more I am researching what monies our ‘lawmakers’ take in and spend the more I know our nation is broken, not just on our federal level, but on our state level and it must be fixed! They have abused the system and we, the citizenry have allowed itWe must not be apathetic about our government, we must remain ever watchful!

The only way our nation is going to be fixed is if the citizenry make it a priority to vote them out! This is the peaceful solution our founders gave us.  I do not want it to come down to the backup solution our founders prescribed.  Even thought they are cowards, and they have drones to prove it,  I do not want to see bloodshed on our beloved countries precious lands! I truly believe we are getting to that boiling point!

pray-for-americaI am not a politician, I a humble Patriot, who has lost her country and constitution and intends on getting what is rightfully mine, yours  and our children’s back, one way or the other!

I am convinced, this is our last chance to get our government back.  As I am finding many of these folks, that I would tend to call sociopaths, are entrenched in our government and society! Don’t know who they are? They are easy to spot in the Missouri Ethics Commission database.  ‘They’ generally have large campaign committee funds, their financial supporters are special interest groups that pay them for their allegiance, rather than you; their constituent that elected them into office! They are the elitist that have been made fat off of their financial alliance with these Tyrants!

wmIt is your civic duty to your country that you get involved. As I believe,  our nation has been subverted! It is my, sworn duty, in these times to put my life on the line for our constitution, my grandchildren and yours! Lets take back our nation the peaceful way, for I fear the alternative!

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” ~Thomas Jefferson

Inform others, educate and vote November 8th!

Rise up Citizen ~ Let District 145 Lead the Way!