Our only Hope is President Donald J. Trump

People see it coming … I have personally seen it coming since 2008. This is why I moved out to the, very rural, Ozarks …  We use a fiat currency system, that is ‘top heavy‘ and spinning out of control. As well we have a very …

… corrupt government that is complicit of Sedition and Treason

The list of their crimes include ….  Human Trafficking, Voter Fraud, Drug and Gun Trafficking, Capital Crimes, and the list goes on … 

Maybe we are being ‘distracted‘ by Q, but to me, as I believe to others;

… Hope and Faith springs eternal …

Is Q the White Hats that are going to save our country for our Grandchildren? Are they armed with massive amount of  sealed indictments for the unconstitutional form of government that has taken host of our government?

I believe that we have been put in this ‘debt‘ obligation on purpose, so our country would fall Come on, giving ‘pallets’ of cash to Iran … when we were trying to recover from one of the biggest recessions in 2008 … We had just created a Jobs Creation Act in 2009. Unfair Trade Agreements that did not consider America First!

We came very close, had it not been for the intervention of our President Donald J. Trump.  And he continues to ‘produce’ JOBS for the American people AND negotiate Nobel Peace prize peace agreements!

Seriously! Our president, in a short period of time, has turned the tide from:

… Make America Great Again to


Great SGT Report and a ‘heads up’