#Pizzagage – Is this How our Politicians are Corrupted?

pizzagateLast night, for about the fourth time, I watched the movie Taken, starring Liam Neeson. I hadn’t watched it in a few years. The question occurred to me, with the recent Wikileaks, with all of the similarities this could be #pizzagate and how, potentially, the ‘shadow government‘ manipulates our politicians.

When my company, St. Louis Broadband, was applying for the ‘broadband stimulus‘ for southeast Missouri, we had to attend several seminars. At one such seminar, I was chatting with a gal that was one of the coordinators and an instructor on how to fill out the application. On the way to lunch, and once we got out of the building … out of nowhere, she had asked me if I had seen the movie ‘Taken‘. I told her I had not, as it was just out in theaters at that time. She confided in me that she had someone in her ‘immediate‘ family that had been ‘taken‘ … I thought it odd that our conversation would abruptly jump to this subject, so I made a point of watching.

Sadly, even though our project was touted as one of the best in the nation, that would have brought over 1,300 jobs to rural Missouri, we were not awarded the project, but that is another story …

It was not until the Wikileaks of the Podesta/Clinton emails that I got the connection. Could ‘human trafficking‘ and ‘pedophilia‘ be one of the methods the ‘shadow’ .gov uses in manipulating our elected politicians? I have to admit, when I think back on several of the situations I have been in, I can see the potential, connection!