By now most have heard of the horrific slaughter at the Pittsburg Synagogue leaving 6 dead and 11 injured. This saddens me to the core! How can people be so violent to peace loving people? Is it for mammon, power or simply just HATE, one has to ask?

Speaking to reporters, Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich became choked up as he said: “It’s a very horrific crime scene. It’s one of the worst that I’ve seen and I’ve been on some plane crashes. It’s very bad.”

United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions has issued a statement, saying the Department of Justice will file hate crime charges against Bowers for the shooting. Those charges could “lead to the death penalty.”

Are these False Flags?

One has to consider that it DOES look suspicious considering that four days AFTER President Trump was Inaugurated there was an ‘Active Shooter Drill’ for that very same areas Jewish Center.

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This incident comes on the heal of the capture of a Florida man accused of sending bombs to the cabal! Interesting that he had two vans that the FAKE NEWS failed to report! One has to consider that our nation, under nefarious rule, has literally over-thrown sovereign nations! But this is SLOPPY work, check out the different back window stickers!

Are Jews and Christians being targeted?

I have to ask this for a couple of reasons for me personally, as I make no qualms about my Faith. I PRAISE THE LORD and am grateful for the Grace He has given this sinner!

Today I was posting my last article on my 2016 Face book election site. I did not have the link and had to look up, as I don’t post often on that page. On the search site it says “Christian Church” I thought, a “Christian Church” that would make no sense! This was a POLITICAL election site!

Another incident I had recently when viewing my medical records from the VA, they have now labeled me as a Christian. In 43 years they have not labeled my Faith! They are correct in the label; however I have not updated my VA records with this information as I was just born again in 2012! Why is the VA updating their records with our religion … And NOT VERIFYING with the veteran? Is this a way that the VA is ‘tagging’ someone so that they do not give quality service? Was this a mandate of Obama and his Islamic cohorts?

On the night of October 23rd I opened the door to my cabin, apparently in the nick of time!

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I had placed a clamp heat lamp above my outdoor cats so they would have some heat; as nights are starting to chill here in Missouri. The clamp was secured on the handle of a rolling ice chest. However when I looked to the heat lamp, I saw it was on a plastic folding chair behind the ice chest. It was lying on top of a can of WD 40 that I had used the day before and was on an outside table, approximately 15’ from the chair. This was next to my RV’s full 75 gallon gas tank! Had I not caught this, I don’t want to venture what could have happened. This was VERY SNEAKY, but clearly deliberate! A homemade bomb on my front porch!

No doubt I have made some enemies in my lifetime, but to be so UNDERHANDED, rather than facing me off! This is just like the type of vermin that we are dealing with! They do NOT DESERVE to live in this country, where so many have given all for our American Values!

Folks I plead with you, be cautious of your surroundings during these days, as we are dealing with SATAN!

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I join with PRESIDENT TRUMP and offer PRAYERS to the the brave officers and families of those hurt and slain in today’s senseless massacre! I pray for the ones simply trying to peacefully worship within your Grace and place of worship within their Synagogue. May your healing hand be on their families hearts. I pray for our nation Lord that it may return to Righteous and evil be outcast to the Hell and brimstone you have prepared for it. Lastly Lord I pray for those that would wish violence on me, as I have been taught violence only begets violence. In your heavenly name Father, Amen.   

And to the SNEAKY freak that had the BRASS to sneak around in the shadows to cause me harm. Come on DOWN! Face me and take it like a man, if that is what you are!

Our Founding Fathers gave us a 2nd Amendment for these days!

 Semper Fi!