President Trump and the Liberal Argument

About the author: C Hunter McConnell  is an academic, prior law enforcement, and oath keeper.

President Trump and the Liberal Argument

There is a considerable amount of arguing back and forth about the Trump presidency on line, mostly on Facebook, and I think it’s high time to set the record straight on a few things.

Primarily this post is directed at conservatives however I think liberal mindsets will gain considerably from it as well.

It is my humble suggestion to quit arguing with liberals about the extremities of Trump’s presidency. If anything this is my thesis statement. When I use that word, “extremities” I mean to say any argument that isn’t directed totally over something he actually did or didn’t do, and in reality is one based in who he is or his position on something, or a lie that has no barring on in the long run as these arguments are completely worthless. The liberal mindset has already judged these various issues in their mind and are not in any way interested in changing it. Furthermore, just by arguing with them over those issues you are entrenching them further into their position

The reason for this is simple. The last 24 years has pushed a narrative and has created a mind set in the brains of the more liberal among us that stereotypes certain qualities, attributing them to be actually evil. Yes, I said evil. Not metaphorically or symbolically evil . . . No, literally defined in how they see their world view as evil incarnate.

This is not a joke. I am not laughing.

While to the conservative mindset this would be considered absolute lunacy the reality is that this is the mindset you are working with. It is locked in, it is assumed without question and has become one of the more powerful ideologies ever devised by pop culture. You are not going to break that illusion. And certainly not on Facebook.

The reason for this is that Donald Trump represents the total embodiment of everything the left hates. If one were to capture every quality that the left wishes to combat in a single individual . . . He would be it.

He is a successful white male with a supermodel wife which represents the evil patriarchal system.

He is a major business owner that came from a family of business owners so he represents old money and the system of capitalism which the left wants to tear down.

He is Caucasian and Protestant which represents the majority of the hatered African Americans believe they have faced, a perfect symbol of the “white slave owner” as he embodies racism regardless if he is or not.

He is patriotic nationalist therefore he represents US manifest destiny and colonialism.

He is Pro-Life, occasssionally arrogant, masculine and he beat Hillary, embarrassing her in the campaign therefore he is automatically assumed to be anti-feminist and hates women.

He is conservative and religious therefore he represents someone who is anti LGBT.

He is big business and against over taxation and regulations therefore he is against the environment.

He is for education reform therefore he is automatically assumed to be against the current education system.

He is pro military therefore he is a war monger.

He is pro law enforcement and against sanctuary cities therefore he is against all minorities, again primarily a racist and is against all minority activism regarding inner cities.

He is for cutting the current food stamp system and lowering taxes therefore he is against the poor.

He is for protecting the borders and dismantling ISIS therefore he is a bigot and prejudiced against certain religious beliefs and cultures, especially Hispanic and Islamic.

He is for absolute personal responsibility and individualism therefore he is against any form of socialist ideology regardless what it is.

He is combating the press over articles that he believes are libelous therefore he is anti free speech.

So the point of the matter is, all of these things are automatically assumed by your liberal leaning friends as they post on Facebook. So no matter what you say, if it has anything to do with the above, especially if YOU represent more than a few of the ones I pointed out, assume they believe you are part of the problem and are as racist and homophobic as the person they believe they are attacking. This again is the paradigm and world view you are dealing with and it isn’t going to change regardless how much evidence you provide to the contrary. In their minds it does not matter what he actually thinks or believes, he is automatically guilty of all of the above and so are you for supporting him.

Stick to the arguments about what he actually does and does not do and ignore the rest. I think we will find in the end his actions will be far more powerful a debate topic and they will be at least honest subject matter vs trying to defend someone for ideas and beliefs attributed to him that are subjective and unproven at best.