President Trump’s NEW Veteran Administration – Wow!

Yesterday, on my monthly re-supply ritual, I stopped by my P.O. Box and picked up my mail. Among the correspondence, one stood out, as it was a letter from the V.A. I believed that I was expecting this letter, as I suspected it had to deal with my disability claim that I submitted in January. When I learned what this information was to contain, I was absolutely astounded!

In 2009 I had a procedure at John Hopkins V.A. – St. Louis. They took several blood tests prior to this procedure. I would have never guessed that the reason the V.A. was contacting me about blood tests from eight years ago, but they were!

I was told by MSN Kelly Noisworthy, of John J. Pershing, Poplar Bluff V.A.; my blood work from 2009 showed that I had Hepatitis C! EIGHT YEARS the V.A. waits to disclose this, potentially, life threatening virus? And a virus that is communicable and treatable, none-the-less!

Obviously, I was very upset and took to Social Media –

This information was ‘disturbing‘ to say the least! A viral infection, that is, not only, potentially contagious, but one the is curable and LIFE THREATENING!  If this does not prove the poor care the V.A. has provided in the past, I don’t what more proof one would need! 

 President Trump’s new V.A.

I gathered myself last night, calmed my nerves and prepared a big batch of Colloidal Silver.

This morning, with a collected mind, I called the V.A. to investigate. I am told that the V.A. is contacting, not only just me, but all veterans that have tested positive for Hep C and offering them a new medical cure. The cure is an injectable and oral medication called Harvoni.

VA Expands Hepatitis C Drug Treatment

 “We’re honored to be able to expand treatment for Veterans who are afflicted with hepatitis C,” says VA Under Secretary for Health Dr. David Shulkin.  “To manage limited resources previously, we established treatment priority for the sickest patients.  Additionally, if Veterans are currently waiting on an appointment for community care through the Choice Program, they can now turn to their local VA facility for this treatment or can elect to continue to receive treatment through the Choice Program.”

President Trump’s choice of Dr. David J. Shulkin Secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is now clear!

I will be scheduling an appointment to be seen for this viral infection, as well as have them check my darn knee!

Another promise kept by President Trump!

~Semper Fi!