President Trump’s VA Hotline Open for Business – Even on Saturday!

Recently, this Marine, reported about contacting the White House VA Hotline, regarding my VA Disability claim. And as stated, that I would keep up to date on the progress. I received an email the very day of the call, updating me with my case#. Yes, there was a LIVE body on the other end of the line!

So I thought I would give that line a ‘run for their money’ and called back in on Saturday morning. I could not imagine a .gov  ‘complaint’ line open on Saturday … but sure enough, after only a few short minutes, the line was answered by a very ‘courteous’ representative. Well, if anyone knows me, they will know how I ‘feel’ about the VA system, as it is a nightmare … So, of course, I have to start with my most recent complaint and get it off my chest. BUT for someone to take this corrupt system on by the horns; we have to give accolades!

I was curious about the email address that was used to ‘forward’ the VA .gov email,, so I inquired about it. First a bit of ‘background’ – I originally called the White House Hotline in October of last year regarding my 43 year old VA Claim, which the VA denied up until last year. I believe it was because of the ‘previous’ help of the WH VA Hotline that my claim was finally approved! Some vets have stated that my ‘initial’ claim was resolved in record time – I reopened my claim on Inauguration Day. However, in VA ‘style’ some of my claim was rejected, namely the Effective Date and increase for my original rating. However I was granted IU which has helped out tremendously. This veteran is grateful and I truly believe, had it not been for President Trump, I would not have received my current disability rating

Thank you President Trump!

I know of, as it is a powerful CMR tool. When I owned my Internet business, we used it for marketing and keeping tabs of our contacts. It would make sense that this powerful platform be used for the VA WH hotline. Just one suggestion … brand that ‘puppy‘  … I would name it the Deplorable Patriot Hotline!

The ‘original’ VA email I was responding to was: ‘VAVBAWAS/CO/Office of the USB VBA’ – Office of the Under Secretary For Benefits @ VA .gov. I was told that the change in email was due to the fact that they are ‘working’ on the ‘system’.

Now if the Congress will get out of the way and allow our Commander-In-Chief to get on with business – the VA might be okay.

Thank you President Trump for all you do for Veterans!