Presidents Day – 2017 – Make America Great Again!

Isn’t it an appropriate day that I watch the Red Hawks gracefully gliding over my head? Their dance in the wind is not that of the vultures they replace – But one of the pride of a hunter, not the scouring for a free meal of the scavenger.

For the first time, in many years, I unfurled ‘old glory’ to respect the day. Although in my woods, the sight of my nation’s pride is only witnessed by these glorious hawks and by God. I believe it is appropriate, as I raise our flag in respect of our new president, his administration and welcome God back into our nation.

For decades, we have been lost – as any nation would be without their God. For the first time, since JFK, this patriot has hope and her faith is being slowly restored.

When I was in the Marine Corps, during the Vietnam era and just before ‘rack time’ we would recite the Lord’s Prayer. Our nation has been without prayer for so long. Prayer brings us Faith in God. If our nation is to be “great again” we must first have Faith. Faith and pride are what gives us hope, that we may truly “Make America Great Again”! Thank you First Lady Trump for reminding us!