Revelation 12 Sign revealed in Great American Eclipse

August 21st Southeast Missouri was in the path of the Great American Eclipse; we were able to see 100% totality.

Sister‘ and I had prepared for this as it was an ‘event‘ that was coming to our back yard. Anything that could digital record, we had ‘tweaked’ and was ready for the ‘event’.

Sadly, we caught the 8″ refactor telescope on fire during the dress rehearsal.  

But that was important information we gleaned … It reminded us to put the ‘solar shields‘ on first before gazing at the magnificent heart of our galaxy

These are the images we ‘proffer‘ …

Planets, in southeast Missouri, visible during the eclipse. (click to enlarge)
Constellations visible from southeast Missouri during the 8/21 eclipse. click to enlarge)
Beginning of eclipse, in southeast Missouri. Virgo constellation with Jupiter and Spica aka Revelation 12 Sign visible. click to enlarge)
Full Eclipse. (click to enlarge)

For reference, this is what we are seeing through our ‘protected’ camera.

Eclipse @ 1:19 CST from southeast Missouri.



We believe this is the ‘Sign of the Ages’ and one that we will, should our Lord Jesus Christ allow us, visit again in seven years!

God Bless America!