Sealed Indictment Update: 70,877

Since 2017 many Anon’s have been following the U.S. Court Pacer System. Within the database there is normally an ‘average’ of 1k sealed indictments in any given year. However, because many believe Jeff Sessions has quietly been putting these indictments into place, that number has exponentially grown. According to this new information, Missouri alone, has over 1,200! Again, many believe this to be due to Jeff Sessions’ and the draining of the Swamp.

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Several anon’s have been keeping track of this mass of unusual indictments. The last entry being 12/30/2018. Is it possible that we have over 70k traitors in America today? I believe the coming weeks, since President Trump’s Executive Order has become now become Law.

From what this writer can discern, 2019 is going to be a GREAT year for America!