UPDATE: The Birth of a New Party!

I was just writing about @FLOTUS. In doing so, I came across this Kim Clement video that is amazingly is RIGHT ON THIS TOPIC!

Note: this story was written yesterday morning. I was unable to post due to the fact that I wanted to get yesterday’s post completed.

Its 1 AM. I was awakened by a vivid dream. I haven’t dreamed in ages. Maybe it is because I have been on CBD oil for the last month or just the events that have recently occurred; as they are prophetic!

Yesterday Mark took me to my dentist. On the trip to Poplar Bluff to see my wonderful ‘gentle’ Dentist, Dr. Rick, we saw a beautiful Bald Eagle standing graciously in a tree. I don’t know if it was God’s Providence, or just that it is that time of year in Missouri. But there he stood, as we passed to my VA Choice appointment.

I am doing a lot of things I never expected for me to do, as I am extremely afraid of dentists, but I was in dire need. I summoned the courage for my third appointment. The first was not so scary; Dr. Rick had his assistant put on a show to distract me. As I watched Mayberry RFD, I was reminded of the gentler time in our nation, when there was not so much division. There were morals and families were families. But the fear came back and summonsed me, I asked Dr. Rick to stop, as I could not go any further as my body started to spasm from my ‘service-connected’ injury.

He is a good dentist and gave me his card with his personal number. I called it later that week and stated I could not continue unless he gave me nitrous oxide, to relax me. A few days later I had a call from his receptionist to book my appointment.

The next appointment was more challenging, as I had to have two root canals and a pin installed. He complied and gave me the gas. The screen that I had previously  viewed Andy, Opie and Aunt Bea on this time showed beautiful images, one was of a Lion. I remember, under the nitrous fog of thinking; that is our President!

This third trip was not as easy. I don’t know why Dr. Rick did not give me the nitrous, as maybe the procedure was not as difficult as the last. However in the true fashion of my fear, I had to ask him to stop, as I tensed and got a sharp pain in my left temple.

I got home and chatted with my friends on face book, as that often relaxes me. There are many things going on in this time in our nation that need discussion. The division is blinding. Protests planned all over our nation and the hint of Martial Law to quell the potential riots is not a subject to avoid.

I fell asleep about 9 PM as I drank several beers to ease the pain. As I was in this dream it seemed so vivid, as if I was actually there. Mark and I were driving through the Wal-Mart parking lot and in front of us a baby elephant passed. I remember thinking; this is the new American political party!

In my woken state I remember Melania and her trip to Africa, watching the elephants being fed.

The massive turnouts to President Trump’s Rally’s testify there is something going on in our nation, a division being healed. To me, this signifies the hand of God as He is showing us His Grace.

Our founders never wanted a two party system, as that is where division occurs! While we can have difference of opinion,

America must NOT BE DIVIDED!

United WE stand!