The Hacking of an Election and the 400LB Gorilla in the Room

3ab8f0ecWhile the intelligence community is focused on claims of Russia ‘hacking’ the elections it has turned a blind-eye to the real ‘hack’ of the American elections.

John McAfee lays out the issue fairly clearly, for anyone with just a small amount of IT background, to understand just how ridiculous of a claim the U.S. intelligent agencies are pursuing.

He clearly brings up good questions, whereas our lawmakers fail to.  Especially in this day of IP spoofing, why would Russia use a Russian IP?

Wordfence, a U.S. security firm goes into more detail about the malware that was claimed to have been used.

US Govt Data Shows Russia Used Outdated Ukrainian PHP Malware

...”At Wordfence our focus is WordPress security. Our security analysts spend a lot of time analyzing PHP malware, because WordPress is powered by PHP.

As an interesting side-project, we performed analysis on the PHP malware sample and the IP addresses that the US government has provided as “…technical details regarding the tools and infrastructure used by Russian civilian and military intelligence services (RIS)”. [Source]

Even if one does not posses a background in IT, just look at the issues and it is easy to draw a conclusion. Why would Russia ‘hack’ an email server with an out dated piece of malware developed in the Ukraine? Why would Russia use an IP address that would point to them when they could use an IP say from North Korea, or even the U.S.?

What, I believe, one has to find more interesting and more ‘telling’ of what has occurred is that rather than Russia ‘hacking’ an unsecured server, most likely residing in a bathroom in D.C., the telling emails were ‘leaked’ by, most likely a patriot.  At this point I am more inclined to believe Julian Assange of Wikileaks and his explanation of where these ‘explosive’ emails originated. They were a ‘leak’ rather than a ‘hack’ …

Ms. Clinton nor Mr. Podesta has yet to make a statement of denial in regards to these incriminating emails, that could have turned the elections.  That is seeming to outrage most ‘thinking’ Americans.  And yet the 400lb gorilla has yet to be addressed, the actual ‘hacking’ of the election!

Bev Harris of and Benny Smith goes into great detail of how the elections have been rigged by ‘Fraction Magic.’

One has to ask, why is the focus on the Russians rather that 400lb gorilla?

~Tori Proffer