The Independence of the V.A. Mission Act

For decades I have wanted to get away from the V.A. health system, as it is broken, and I believe beyond repair … maybe.

My most recent V.A. Primary visit was in the acquisition of three outside referrals for Orthopedic, Neurology and Cardiology … Yes, it appears I am screwed but I signed the line!  And it now looks like I can get GOOD care for these issues. My last stent was placed by the St. Louis V.A. and they also gave me Hepatitis C! 

The V.A. wants to blame all my conditions on my ‘service-connected’ knee, all the while ignoring the simple fact that I came into contact with Agent Orange and many other toxins AND radiation when I was stationed at MCAS El Toro Even thought that tour of duty was a short stent, I already have two stints, most likely, because of it 

I am restrained, due my Drop Foot, to my 30 x 60 foundation of which I have no issue with; as there is no place I would rather be! 

It appears I have to have more stints and possibly back surgery L4 and L5, S1, S2 and S3. It is painful to live most days as my muscles spasm due to my sciatic nerves are on fire; I have no regrets.

Most folks of my generation understand how precious our freedom and liberties are, we want them for our grandchildren!

It is very sad to see our nation torn apart because people refuse to accept our Commander in Chief. It is my opinion that these people do not understand what America is about. They have been influenced by undue pressure of the FAKE Main Stream Media, which I, along with President Trump, consider a threat to the Republic! I have never witness such shameful behavior in my life! How can one disrespect a president that has done so much for this nation?

It is because of President Trump and his Administration; we now have the Mission Act where one can be referred to a physician in their community. Simply by getting a referral from one’s Primary they can look up participating health providers in their community by going to:

It is great to see the V.A. recognizing we poisoned our Blue Water Navy veterans. However had it not been for my ‘service-connected‘ knee and related issues, I would not be service-connected today; as the V.A. does not recognize our hazardous duty at MCRD El Toro!

Thank you President Trump for all you do for our Veterans!


To those that disrespect our sovereignty, our ‘One Nation under God’, our flag and our values … as a president infamously said:

You are either with us, or with the terrorists” George W. Bush

Happy Independence Day!