The Lord Sure Works in MYSTERIOUS Ways!

committees-of-safetyI have been trying to raise advertising dollars for my campaign, but so far have failed.  I prayed to the Lord to help me out and give me a sign.  And then this election data, whatever it is, is placed in my path.  I am pretty sure at this point, MANY folks now know my name.

The issue of the election data has been backed/archived/forwarded/ and it should be vetted.  Because this deals with my race and I know the fellow that they have set to win, waddles up to the Special Interest trough, as well I know others that are listed that do the same; I am thinking this is true info, I will research more.

But in the meantime, while I cipher the data, help me get the word out, by donating to my campaign.  Don’t let me drown out here.  I am a proud Marine and I will do my job, but I can only do it if you help and have my back!

I live on a $750 social security check and have now drained my savings.  I did NOT get involved in politics for the moneyI got involved because it was the RIGHT thing to do! We have, what I consider,  ‘criminals’ that are running our government and they need to be EXPOSED!

I have exposed myself, I have been threatened, I have had my phones shut off, I have had the unpleasantness of dealing with the chamber of commerce, for what appears to be election tampering … my website has been throttled all in the name of truth! And yet I have only received $170.00 in donations … What is wrong?

Last time I asked, and did not get a response, I decided it was about time to throw in the towel. As if no one is concerned about what is happening in our community, why should I be?

Help me expose them!


$100 Donation WALL

Thank you Tom Martz, Belinda Bivens, Jim Wakefield, Cindy Redburn, John Bannon, and Kim Phillips!

$50 Donation WALL

Thank you Richard McKie, Ted Praast and Doug Enyart !

$20 Donation WALL

Thank you Gary Smith, Denise Hunter, Thomas Young, Kathleen Strong Hutchinson and Bob Hohmeier!


$10 Donation WALL

Thank you Anon, Seth E. Char, Richard McKie, Bonnie Meyers, LuAnn Goggin Patterson, Sarah Wicker and Bob Hohmeier.