The only game that should be discussed this THANKSGIVING is the End Game

It is interesting watching the speed of the #GreatAwakening and people’s reactions. Admittedly the two years of ‘Russian hoax and ‘fake impeachment‘ have been painful, but what has been more painful is being totally aware of most of this information for years.

Soon it will be uncovered for what it was. It represents the ‘gutting of a nation‘ by those that worship evil. I believe, as many, it truly represents the Last Days as described in the Bible. It truly is a battle of Good v. Evil, examples will be made; I proffer this information

NOW it is our turn!

Today’s edition of SGT Report really rips the rampant pedophilia wide open:

“The wonderful and enlightened Tiffany Fitzhenry joins me for a PREMIERE as we discuss the GREAT AWAKENING. “We’re not born to be ruled” says Tiffany, and this great awakening is just a part “of reclaiming our planet.”

Now we move to ‘DEFEND’ our nation and its President! It is going to be painful to some that have not been paying attention. These issues are real!

The days pedophiles that have defiled our system with the ‘blackmail’ of politicians so that they may enrich themselves are over! Many that have been aware of this sick behavior have been silenced as they know that our nation is not what our Founders intended and has been SUBVERTED from within

Our media has PURPOSELY deceived us!

#SpyGate is a national disgrace!

This video from Amazing Polly and really worth a listen!

In case you haven’t heard it. AG Barr is right on in this address to Notre Dame. I cut off the beginning where he tells personal stories, etc. It starts kind of strangely because of that. Hope you enjoy it!

The honorable AG Barr is correct, in my opinion, it is because we have been removed from our Christian values that our nation has fallen to this level. 

Make NO MISTAKE our ‘good guys‘ have been preparing for this time of reckoning and JUSTICE!

Federal Government to Resume Capital Punishment After Nearly Two Decade Lapse

I have read numerous accounts of people ‘awakening‘ to the LIE of the elite; it has been referred to as BIBLICAL!  My friends, it truly is!

This Thanksgiving have the conversation with your loved ones, open your Bible, say a prayer for our nation that we may recover from the largest corruption of a sovereign nation of ALL time; examples WILL BE MADE so this will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

This is the ONLY GAME one should be watching!

Luke 8:17 KJV

For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

134,570 SEALED | 14,957 UNSEALED | 313,793 NON-SEALED