The Russians Did IT! AND it appears, President Elect Trump Concurs!

spyWhat seems to read like a chapter out of a Tom Clancy novel, State the Nation states that the DNC hackers have been identified and it is not Julian Assange’s Wikileaks. Instead, it appears to be, a Russian spy that works for the Obama administration!

DNC Russian Hackers Found!

“Russians did not hack the DNC system, a Russian named Dmitri Alperovitch is the hacker and he works for President Obama. In the last five years, the Obama administration has turned exclusively to one Russian to solve every major cyber-attack in America, whether the attack was on the U. S. government or a corporation.  Only one “super-hero cyber-warrior” seems to “have the codes” to figure out “if” a system was hacked and by “whom.”  

It now appears that President-elect, Donald J. Trump, accepts these results.

Trump accepts Russia responsible for hacking during the election

“President-elect Donald Trump now accepts the intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia engaged in cyberattacks during the presidential election and may take action in response.”

Priebus says Democrats to blame for email hack, thinks Trump accepts intel findings

“Reince Priebus, Donald Trump’s incoming chief of staff, said Sunday that he thinks the president-elect “accepts the findings” of the recently released U.S. intelligence report that ties Russian President Vladimir Putin to meddling in the 2016 White House race.”

Reince Priebus defends Donald Trump’s response to intelligence findings on Russia

“Incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said Sunday that President-elect Donald Trump respects the intelligence community and believes Russia has attempted to hack U.S. entities — but at the same time said the Obama administration’s response to the issue has been “politically motivated.”

Okay, so now we are to believe, it was not Wikileaks that got the damaging DNC emails? But let’s step back and remember that there are two issues. One the damaging and telling emails, that have yet to be disputed and the pre-release of the election results, that have yet to be addressed.  But maybe this new information sheds light on, what appears to be, the election ‘hack’ … Let’s go back to the December 17th article from WSB-TV, Atlanta, GA.

More states confirm suspected cyberattacks sourced to DHS

“Through an open-records request, Diamant acquired the results of a survey Kemp asked the National Association of Secretaries of State to send to its members.

West Virginia wrote back, “This IP address did access our election night results on November 7, 2016.” Kentucky responded the same IP address “did touch the KY (online voter registration) system on one occasion, 11/1/16.”

In a letter this week, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson told Kemp the department sourced the mid-November activity in Georgia to a federal contractor conducting what he called “normal” internet searches on the Secretary of State’s website. But Kemp says there’s a problem with that answer.

“We haven’t been able to recreate this the way they explained it to us,” Kemp said.

Kemp also told Diamant that DHS has yet to explain at least nine other suspected network scans linked to DHS IP addresses over the last year on or around important primary and presidential election dates. Kemp’s call for answers is amplified now by the National Association of Secretaries of State or NASS.

“We have one administration leaving town and another coming in so it does remain to be seen just who will be left holding the bag if we don’t get a great explanation on what has occurred very soon,” said Kay Stimpson, with NASS.”

So are we now to believe that the contractor was Dmitri Alperovitch, founder of CrowdStrike that ‘hacked’ the 2016 elections on behalf of the Obama administration? And if so, what do they have to do with one week prior to election winning results, released by KFVS 12 and the ‘slated winners’ of IL/KY/MO? Are these politicians under investigation for their connection to this debacle? Stay tuned!

~Tori Proffer