THEY took over our nation WITHOUT A SINGLE SHOT FIRED!

Today I had to go into town, one of the things I dread in these days. I needed a few supplies, particularly a pair of comfortable shoes so that I might wait in line to see our President. I was so disappointed with my trip to Farmington, MO as I scoured FIVE different shoe vendors; I could ONLY find MADE IN CHINA tags!

I always considered Farmington to be the

HEARTLAND of America, now the only RED I see is Chinese communist RED!

I am sure that this true for all of America!

The ONLY way to fight this enemy is to ONLY purchase 


If they don’t stock it COMPLAIN and shop elsewhere! To support these brands one supports COMMUNISM and SLAVE LABOR!

Since we can’t shoot em , hurt em where it counts ~their wallet! 


Prior to this trip I had to go to the Verizon store as my phone no longer had a qwerty keyboard function. Instead it gave me a Google voice that could NEVER spell correctly. Without the keyboard function I could not correct. To my dismay and to the young techs surprise all that was available on MY phone were keyboard functions in Chinese, Korean and Pinyin! 

As I look forward to the Cape Girardeau Rally, the last Rally on our president’s schedule, I am comforted in the knowledge he is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. By bringing back our jobs, pride, patriotism, and nationalism he is returning our COUNTRY to WE the People! 

This Marine recognizes, appreciates and is grateful for all you do!

Thank you President Trump!

VOTE the other RED!

Semper Fi!