Today I saw a black angus and cried …

black_angusI cried because I rembered my Granny and me ushering in the cows from the back 80…
Their utters almost dragging the ground. They knew everything was good, as they were
headed to the barn.

I cried because I know my grandson’s are never going to experience that moment, of the cows
headed to the barn.
Nor are any other grandsons, if we do not regain our equilibrium.
We have to reign in our sense of right and wrong!
I believe, we have to pay attention to our sense that there is something greater than ourselves in our life.

LIFE has meaning!

I was apprecitive of being able to go out for ‘supplies’ and meet with folks today.
Everyone is concerned, it seems. I experienced this ‘feeling’ with folks that are young,
to folks that remember what America was. They have lost their direction and need a

No matter what one is told, remember there are people that are concerned!
You are not alone.

America never needed ones prayers more than now.