True Grit

Living out in the Madison county woods, were I am away from the ‘clutter’ of the city and the banter that it brings with it; I have no television.  I think not having a TV is a good thing, as I do not need it to clutter my mind. But I have a video library that I extremely enjoy.

Living in the woods, I have something much more than the ‘nightly news’ or ‘daily drama’.  I wish everyone could have it, peace of mind.  The closeness with nature makes my walk with Christ more personal.  I pray that our nation turns to God as that is the only way we might be delivered from evil.

true-gritOne of the videos I enjoy is True GritIt reminds me of a moral country we once had.  How lost we have become since those days.

Of my favorite quotes of that movie is within the opening scene of the movie about Tom Chaney the murderer of Mattie’s papa.  Mattie is the fourteen year old girl that gives chase to avenge her fathers death. Tom Chaney had accompanied Mattie’s papa to purchase a string of pony’s in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  While Mattie’s papa stayed at the boarding house, Tom Chaney went into town to drink and play cards. He lost all his money. Chaney got it in into his head that he had been cheated and went back to the boarding house to get his riffle.  Mattie’s father intervened trying to stop Chaney from going into town with his rifle, Chaney shot him and fled.

“He could have walked his horse, for not a soul in that city could bother to give chase. No doubt Chaney felt himself scot-free, but he was wrong. We must pay for everything in this world one way or the other.

There is nothing free, but the Grace of God.

It sort of sums up how I feel and the journey I am on.  I am paying for my mistakes in life, in exchange for His Grace.

If anyone knew my Grandpa Milas Rhodes or my Granny Ruth, they would know the kind of people they were.  Grandpa Milas was a Baptist minister in Lutesville, MO, which is now a part of Marble Hill.

I wonder how that town has turned so awry that its Chamber of Commerce can be so mislead.  I feel my Granny Ruth is with me on this journey, as she told me as a young child, I would travel this road. Maybe I am to be Marble Hills Mattie? I don’t know, all I know is I have Faith in where He leads me. Amazing how He works! That I would travel the Lifes Path, that I have, to lead me back to the begining!

I never met my Grandpa Shorty Proffer, as he died before I was born.  However, since I am on the subject, I have to make a correction on his death.

Last week I ran into a fellow in the Country Mart parking lot in Fredericktown, we got to chatting and he told me that he knew ‘Shorty’ … He was the first person, that I have met in at least two decades who knew him. My understanding of the issues that surrounded his death are different than his and I will have to say have been corroborated by one other, so I must believe it is true.

Shorty’s son-in-law was swimming, in the Castor River, and got cramps, grandpa could see he was drowning and jumped in to save him.  Tragically, they both drowned.  Later in years granny remarried Milas Rhodes and they had a son, Luther. My Uncle Luther was a minister in Jackson, MO up until his death in 2014.

God puts people in our paths so that we might understand more. His hand is truly amazing, if we are watching for His signs.

If the people of our district chose to have me as their representative, I will be their Mattie and chase the Chaneys to justice!

This election is not about who is going to win,

it is a battle about right and wrong!