Update to VA Fraud

This Marine cannot tell one how aggravated she was when she learned what the VA appeared to attempt to do, as a way of denial to her claim forservice benefits‘, by manipulating ‘dates of service’.

One works hard for the beloved ‘Eagle, Globe and Anchor‘!

“Though many are born, few are “made”. Faithful Always, they shall remain” …

The day  Lt. Col. Jenny Wrenn pinned the USMC insignia on me, a summer morning on the parade deck of the Parris Island, SC Recruit Depot;

I was never so proud!

Our platoon was ‘top notch’ … One of my bunkies was ‘Angie’ – Angela Salinas, the first Hispanic woman to go from pvt to W.O. to GENERAL!

I am proffering this information as a testament of the time in service that I had that the VA, effectively, wiped out when they changed my ‘service record’.

I am sure ‘any’ Marine would be ‘ticked‘ … so I call the White House VA Hotline, which was put in place as part of President Donald J. Trump’s commitment to reforming VA.

The representative ‘seemed’ sympathetic, I thought, as she let me vent AND I did!

When I was done I asked, So are you sending the ‘black helicopters’ now?  

No, she said, I am writing up a case file!”

OohRah President Trump!