For far too long our nation has been held captive of the ruthless, the unethical, the unelect, AND the CRIMINAL that have stolen the ‘elect’ from our nation!

Finally, with the leadership of a great man, we are able to vindicate our nation and take it BACK!

It reminds me of a 2005 movie that I truly love, V for Vendetta. This movie is about Guy Fawkes taking his nation back from a corrupt and ruthless dark cabal. The same thing  we have in America!

Is it a coincidence that the LAST MAGA RALLY is in Cape Girardeau, MO where his #1 conspiracy theorist dwells? IDK if that is true; all I do know is this RALLY is the LAST on President Trump’s schedule and held on Guy Fawkes night, before he returns to D.C. AND before we PAINT THE TOWN RED!

I encourage all, that can, attend!


Semper Fi!