VA Commits Fraud on Veterans Disability Claims

Dear Mr. President,

When you are done saving the world – Can you Save the VA?

This Marine Corps veteran has learned – When the VA is up against a ‘high level’  case …


My case – in point:

In 1975 I was Medically and Honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. I only had one year and one month ‘active duty’ service, before my ‘service-connected’ injury ended my time in the Marine Corps. 

My issues with the VA started right after my discharge!

  • First it was not enough time in service for my severance check. Finally, when a DD215 was issued, the VA complied.
  • Next it was for Vocational Rehabilitation. Since my Service-Connected injury caused me the loss of my first job right out of service, I figured I would use my VA Educational Benefit to try to find appropriate employment. I was denied. However I was issued a VA ‘service-connected’ health benefit card and told I had 0% disability rating. As well, I was falsely told I could not receive financial benefits. It was explained to me, by the VA, because I took severance pay, I would no longer be eligible for VA Disability Benefits. I later learned this is true,  at least until the severance pay equals the disability amount, but the VA did not ‘volunteer’ that information!
  • In 1980, my SC injury, again, reared its ugly head. I was homeless, at the time. I applied for VA Disability. I was denied.
  • To add ‘insult to injury’ my 0% rating was removed! And I was told – I no longer had a SC injury!
  • This was an absolutely terrible time in my life at this moment. Had the VA provided my benefits, as I was promisedMy life could have been very different!

Granted, I am no hero, but I did serve! Willingly and I considered it my duty to our nation! Even in my ‘golden years’ I still take my Oath as seriously today as the day I pledged it to God! If more ‘Public Servants’ would do this, our nation would be a different place … 

If every ‘Public Servant’ followed their OATH OF SERVICE, the “Swamp” would not exist!

Our Republic would stand tall!

However, Mr. President,  I do see Hero’s caught up in this terrible system. This is why I write you today with this blatant act, as it is for them that suffer –

‘Where we go one, We go all’

The VA’s motto should be –

Deny, deny … Till every veteran dies!

It is shameful, Mr. President that these “Hero’s” not only have to endure the ‘Ghosts of War’ but that they must fight the very institution that has, long been established, to benefit them!

Because of your campaign promises, I reapplied. Maybe there is hope? With that in mind, I applied on Inauguration Day!

It has been an ‘interesting’ ride … I won’t bore you with the details of how bad the system truly is. However, after what I discovered today I have to come before you and present evidence to show how corrupt the system truly is!

Recently I received an invitation to participate the Trump Administration new VA RAMP program.

Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017

This program is one of the Signature Programs of the Trump Administration. I have been researching how it can cut the time of Appeals in the VA system, from sometimes, up to ten years to 120 days! This is amazing program Mr. President! From the response on ‘veteran forums‘ many veterans are interested in applying!

This brings me up to the reason that I have an appeal in the system. My NOD Notice of Disagreement, is because of my recent award for disability and the Effective Date. While I appreciate the VA finally recognizing my Service to Country, they disregard the fact that they have done this my entire lifetime!

Today I called the VA and inquired as to why I had not received my Letter of Denial from my claim. As I surly should have received it by now! This letter is what my NOD is in response to, but so far only my DAV VSO has informed me of the contents. Upon asking the VA for a copy to be sent, I was told I had to answer some security questions. She said (VA) the questions were going to be about my dates of service and the amount of my monthly VA check. I had never been asked this before, so I pulled up my DD 214 and gave her my entry date.  She said it was wrong! 

How could that be?

I should know the date I entered the United States Marine Corps – It is right there on my DD214!

I pulled up my Service Verification Letter, yep, right there!

May 03, 1974.

Service Verification Letter – Downloaded from eBenefits July 2017

She said, no and since I got that answer wrong, she could not help me. 

So I said a few words and hung up the phone … 

I then went to eBenefits and downloaded my NEW Service Verification Letter …

Service Verification Letter -from eBenefits downloaded May 10, 2018

The VA has manipulated my Service Record DELETING time served! One has to question ‘motivation’ of why the VA would BLATANTLY manipulate Service Records, especially after 40+ years, so that they can deny VA Benefits.

Also notice on the VA Service Verification Letter, obviously crafted by a ‘crafty’ VA Lawyer, : (You may have additional not listed above) – Their ‘golden parachute’ … 

Mr. President, I have read that, 20 vets commit suicide per day. I am not surprised about the numbers, as they are dealing with one of the most corrupt systems of government!

These vets are Hero’s and do not deserve this treatment! It is shameful.

The VA needs leadership, NOW!


~Semper Fi!