VA = Made in CHINA!

When I received these utensils in the mail I was unaware I had Parkinson’s Disease, as that is one of the common ailments among Agent Orange/Dioxin contaminated Veterans.  But it came as a surprise to my Primary VA Caregiver last week that I received this shipment.

However, I believe, my Ischemic Heart Disease to be a direct correlation to Agent Orange exposure, but at this point, the VA does not! So far I have had a quadruple by-pass and EIGHT stents due to Ischemic Heart Disease as well I have Peripheral Neuropathy, but that recently developed, I believe because all of this hit me at once. Strange enough, my 100% disability rating comes from none of the above diseases!

My medication for Ischemic Heart Disease is taken daily, but this last year I seem to have to double up on them as their strength seems to have gotten weaker over the last year.


Most of America knows we are in a silent war with CHINA. President Trump has taken the BULL BY THE HORNS to pull our ties away from this country that would have us be under a COMMUNIST regime. One of the steps he has taken is with pharmaceuticals manufactured in China.

Trump unveils $13B for Puerto Rico and pushes return of island’s drug manufacturing

President Trump announced plans to bolster pharmaceutical manufacturing in Puerto Rico from China, touting the help he has given the island and pointing to Democratic nominee Joe Biden for its economic woes.

“I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to Puerto Rico,” Trump said during a news conference at the White House on Friday, announcing $13 billion in federal aid to Puerto Rico. “We’ve done more for Puerto Rico than any administration by far.”

Thank you, President Trump!

Semper Fi!