WE Did NOT build the Internet to be CENSORED!

Funny it was about this same time, two years ago, that I had my ‘run-in’ with Alex Jones. I had discovered what I believed to be election tampering and I emailed Info Wars the information.

Even though I may have my difference with Mr. Jones, he does not need to be CENSORED!

...”O’Keefe tweeted: Infowars targeted, taken off social media. These tech companies’ practices are opaque and given their power must be made more transparent. We will expose the entire rotten tech machine. Are you on the inside? Contact us: VeritasTips@protonmail.com” …

And it is not just Jones!

I imagine this is going to hurt … but hey, Zuckerberg already took his money out of FB ... And if Jones comments are true that FB is a tool of communist ChinaZucker, there won’t be a hole deep enough you can find! 

People went through a LOT to build this Internet, including myself as I started in 1993 and am considered one of the first woman ISPs. Talk about an up and down ride! I started in dialup … Bells said it was a Fad … DSL in 1997, Dot-com-bomb in 1999. I totally believe the ‘dot-com-bomb’ was engineered by the larger companies, like the Bells’, who had not gotten in on ground floor and wanted to level their playing field.

It cost me my business. 

A year later, I came back ‘reinvented’, as did many … Wireless was the key! We could own our own networks! The technology developed from ‘fixed’ to ‘mobile’ … And let me inform you, this was a ‘tough’ business … Not really competitive @ first, but then much so. In 2009 Obama created the Jobs Creation Act it included approximately $9B for broadband in rural areas. My company competed in the Missouri 8th District. We were told we had one of the best applications in the nation by many of the decision makers. But after several ‘rounds’ and extreme costs, we were denied.

Almost lost my business again … 

On another note, one has to wonder what happened to all that money, all those jobs? 2009 jobs were a farce, IMHO. Seeing what President Trump is accomplishing without American taxpayers footing the bill, is simply amazing!  #MAGA  

One has to understand, building the Internet is not just about IPO, platforms and apps, but it is also about laying cable and configuring networks!  Ya know, the grunt work! And once ones’ hard work is put into place … ‘they’ will come after it! But now ‘they’ have become ‘hubris’ in their 0bama aged power structure is falling apart and they are coming after something different our Internet! From my perspective, the Internet was/is created for … OUR FIRST AMENDMENT! 

And don’t let me get into the issue that they are dismantling our Constitution right in front of our eyes! People DIED for our Rights!

Zerohedge has a good article on how we got here, legalized Propaganda from the Obama admin

I have always believed that the Internet was going to be the tool of WE the People, so that we might get out of our oppressive, deep state controlled mind set. I also believe that the Internet will replace cable, as it is ‘one-sided’ … We already see the phenomena of ‘Internet Stars’ that are appearing on our screens. The only way our President can speak to us, without having his words minced, is through his tweets. MSM/Hollywood are dead, and so will soon be these ‘liberal/commie’ one-sided social media platforms/apps.

I take my shadow banning on Twitter as a BADGE OF HONOR!

While I will keep my twitter account, even though Twitter says it does not exist, so that I can decimate to our FB Group – the Deplorable Patriots our presidents tweets …

I will wait on our President to give us the ‘Q’ of what platform to move to, as I am pretty confident he will! 

I am excited to see it die, as I know what is around the bend … FREEDOM!

 Semper Fi!