What A Missouri House Representative is To Me

The thought of running for public office never crossed my mind, until this last year when I learned of the ASCARCO fund abuse and its unfinished ending.  However, on this life’s journey, as a business person that has interacted with government, I believe, I see where state regulations can be modified to benefit the community as well as the constituent.

I believe the primary duty of a district representative is to be an administrator.  This is exactly what the Marine Corps taught me, as my MOS was administration.  As was the last twenty-two years building my Internet business.  As I see it, the duties of a district representative would be to research and craft bills to benefit our district and the state of Missouri.  As well to poll my constituent base and determine public opinion versus state and federal constitutions.  To weigh the evidence and opinion and develop an acceptable solution, to benefit all.

Shelley Keeney sends out a weekly newsletter to keep her constituents abreast of the latest developments in Jefferson City.  I think this is a great practice and would do the same due diligence.  And not limit my interaction with constituents, as I believe communication is key to understanding need.

Other than the ACARCO fund abuse there are many other issues that I would like to tackle.

  • I believe that Missouri should be a strong and protected state with an active State Defense Force.
  • I believe that Missouri should be a Constitutional carry state.
  • I do believe that life begins at the moment of conception and so does that child’s rights.
  • I also believe that the state and federal government are consuming way too much of Missouri public and private lands.
  • I don’t believe that Missouri should enact Real ID, as I believe, DNA harvesting, is the ultimate personal invasion.
  • I don’t believe in same-sex marriage as it is not lawful in Missouri.
  • I believe that we must support and make our local businesses strong, from Farmers Markets to Co-ops and local retailers.  When local businesses thrive so do local jobs!
  • Finally, I believe that states rights always trump federal regulation.

Also, because I come from a communications background and believe in alternative disaster communications, that will benefit the community rather than big conglomerates, I will discuss these ideas.  My ideas are not just limited to how to make Missouri strong and safe, as well as to reel-in land consumption of the feds and state, but to follow up on last years legislation and review current legislation, as well.  Over the summer I will discuss these topics and poll the geo-specific Facebook page for the 145th District:

Whats Happening
What’s REALLY Happening in SEMO?

I hope to have an interactive campaign. Please join us, as it is the duty of the citizen to be informed and the duty of the administrator of the district to understand the needs of the constituents.  I am always glad to address the issues, as that is the way we both learn and benefit.

I am old, but not too old, so I am not a career politician and there are fish in my lake!  So this is not a career, just some help to fix things.  I hope that same age brings with it wisdom and temperance. I am Christian and I will use my Faith as my compass to guide me through these waters, as it is my Faith that has led me to this life path.  My motivation comes from the fact that I am the granny of two grandsons and we cannot leave this mess to them, as I made an oath to God and I am an Oath Keeper!

I believe what this election is for me, will be to proffer myself to my prospective employers, the constituents of District 145!

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