What does BANNON, WOLFF, WIKILEAKS, STONE, CENSORSHIP and ‘Q’ have in Common?

On January 7th Wikileaks offered the full text, .pdf version, of “Fire and Fury“, the new novel written by Michael Wolff.


However Google has now blocked access …

According to an interview with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary, and CBS (reported by Politifact)

“During a White House press briefing, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders faced questions about Wolff’s access from one journalist who recalled seeing Wolff in the building multiple times. Here’s their Jan. 3 exchange:

Margaret Brennan, CBS News: “Sarah, can you clarify? Because many of us here have seen Michael Wolff at the White House on multiple occasions. We’ve seen him first-hand. So we know he was here. Who gave him access to the White House? What was he here for? Can you explain any of that since we don’t have access to the logs?”

Sanders: “Yeah. So far, from what I can tell of the roughly just over a dozen interactions that he had with officials at the White House, I think close to 95 percent were all done so at the request of (former adviser) Mr. (Steve) Bannon.”

Sanders underscored that Wolff had not been given unfettered access to the White House, saying he had been denied more than 30 requests for access, including at least two dozen requests to interview the president.

However, she did not dispute that Wolff had been “seen often” with Bannon in his White House office.”

So the book is released and we hear from our president in regards to it:

Well now, here is where it starts to get interesting, VERY interesting

Roger Stone, New York Times Bestselling Author The Making of the President 2016. Mr. Stone had ‘friended‘ me on FB several months back. I recently added him to our FB group – The Deplorable Patriots. Mr. Stones first post to our group:

It is interesting to note, that very few could see his post in our Facebook group

And now if one were to go to the link of the Roger Stone/Tucker interview on YT this is what they will see:

However this interview is still viewable via Fox News YT:

 And now to ‘Q’ …

All the world’s a stage … 

What makes this interesting is the fact that the Wikileaks .pdf version of Wolff’s book has two chapters that the name has been edited/altered:

Did Wikileaks give us a ‘heads up’ that ‘Q’s bread crumbs are valid? It is interesting to note that Julian Assange Twitter account has been changed from the diamond icon to an hourglass …

Tick tock?


Semper Fi to our White Hats!