Where is America’s TIPPING POINT?

Has America totally lost its ‘common sense’?

When I watch stories of Nancy Pelosi, potentially fleeing the country, on a jaunt with 93 family members during a .gov shutdown that Democrats are asking to be settled because of issues of SAFETY for the American people, I truly have to scratch my head and ask …

What has become of our Constitutional Republic? Are we being attacked from within? Have some of our politicians turned into ‘domestic terrorists’?

Something to consider?

“President Pelosi

For several days, the following theory has been making its way around the internet.

I found it difficult to completely dismiss, when I first came across it. It’s been in the back of my mind ever since. A comprehensive time-line was made available yesterday. The evidence provided with the time-line, although circumstantial, renders it impossible for me to continue ignoring what I am about to share with you.”

FAKE NEWS is really RAMPING up their rhetoric against Trump Supporters (= white Christian males) and is now exposing their lies and “wrap up smears” in FAKE NEWS …

On a side note, Marines know that if they did not serve IN VIETNAM, such as myself, they are considered Vietnam ERA, inferring otherwise is STOLEN VALOR!

For these boys that were simply attending a Right to Life March the threat of death has become real because of FAKE MEDIA! We pray they see their day in court!

Glad to see that our President is standing up to these political hacks and thugs by putting America First!


When are American’s going to WAKE UP to the thwarted overthrow of our nation and DEMAND JUSTICE and SAFETY?