Why are America’s Teachers supporting Hillary Clinton?

teacherI use to think that teaching was an honorable profession,  with a moral code; until I realized that our children were not being educated, at least in the way that I had.  While it is important for teachers to instill a good moral, value base for our children, the subject of civics and constitutionality, seem to, have been discarded along the way!

This is shameful!

Civics Education Testing Only Required In 9 States For High School Graduation: CIRCLE Study

I come to this conclusion from lots of research. I recently ran a poll on my Facebook page to find who of my friends were voting for Hillary Clinton. What I, amazingly, found was that the very, and I mean very few, several were teachers!  And then I started researching and found that Ms. Clinton has several Teacher Unions, across our great nation, that are supporting a Clinton presidency!

The Teachers’ Candidate

Why did both unions representing teachers endorse Hillary Clinton?

Teachers Union Backs Clinton for President

  • It is immoral to be above the law.
  • It is immoral to sell out ones country to the highest bidder.
  • It is immoral to leave our men behind, as was done in Benghazi.
  • It is immoral to condone, enable and protect rapists.
  • It is immoral to abort unborn babies, at any stage of their development!
  • It is immoral NOT to teach these values to our children!

How is it MORAL to support this woman?

I believe that the folks supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton, either have a.) something to gain from her presidency, b.) have not done their research or c.) have had way too much schooling!

And when I talk about ‘schooling’ make no mistake, the dumbing down of our children is a planned subversion!

Last chance America, to get it right!