Yes the Election was Rigged and NO it was NOT the Russians!

Yes the Election was hacked NO it was not the Russians!

While the controversy is going on about who ‘influenced’ the election the bigger issue is being ignored, the ‘hacking’ of the election!

Laurel Bennett first discovered it in the August 30th election, when she discovered a local TV station that was already publishing the election results prior to the election.

Laurel Bennett, Candidate for Florida House Representative District 86, Discovers WPTV Fake Election Results Before August 30th Election

I believe that she found the results in the same fashion that I did, simply by ‘googling’ ones name to see what Google has indexed.  I have to say that this is some pretty sloppy network admin work … for a criminal enterprise. But nothing about Clinton’s IT woes surprises me … after all, a server in a bathroom? Lol! 

In the below InfoWars video, I think Bev Harris of, gets it right.  Votes were already entered prior to the election and additional votes were to be added the day of the election, the numbers would have been adjusted accordingly, but whoever was slated to win prior to the elections would still be the victor!

However, what they did not get right was the amount of voter turn out, and that skewed their plan.

Instead of focusing on the Russians and the Clinton/Podesta emails, which btw no one has stated these emails are fake, we should be looking at the ‘slated-winners‘ of this election rather than the Russians! As this is a huge FRAUD on the American people and is CLEARLY ELECTION TAMPERING! Those guilty need to be held accountable!

~Tori Proffer