You tell ME?

Just ‘reporting’ @ this point … checking on the popcorn! 

So is D5 for DS on or off? …

Meanwhile, this video is going viral …

“Never before, in my honest opinion, has there been a #FLOTUS that has deserved so much praise as the one that we are now blessed with: #MelaniaTrump. Her ‘#BeBest‘ Campaign has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of Children all across the globe – and her heart is made of 100% Pure Gold. It pains my heart, as a True #American, to see how she is (mis)treated by the #Liberals, #Hollywood and the #FakeNews media – she is deserving of so much more respect, admiration and love than what she has been afforded by these lawless people. But this is OUR FLOTUS, as WE STAND WITH HER!! We are here to tell the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD that we LOVE OUR #FirstLady, we #Respect her and we are praying for her. Take a moment to watch this video that’s been dedicated to our most gracious First Lady, #Melania. Show her that you LOVE her, as well, by LIKING and SHARING this video. We, the ENTIRE NATION, salute YOU, FIrst Lady Melania Trump – and your accomplishments, and I Pray each day for the safety and welfare of your entire family – and all of your loved ones! Where We Go One, We Go All!!”



“An American Tribute to the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump”

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In comparison there is this … from David Icke

And seems as though Q has laid all his cards on the table …stay tuned…